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Testimonials - Cottonwood
"I had about $7,400.00 in combine Utah state and IRS taxes and had no money to pay. The settlement with Capital One, Citicard and Chase credit cards helped reduce that amount." -- John (Utah)

Cottonwood Debt Relief Companies

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Cottonwood debt relief companies are no longer able to charge consumers with an upfront fee. (source) now have to change their business due to the law that became effective in October 2010, is aiming to protect Cottonwood consumers who are already in trouble financially from getting into a deeper hole.

The slow down in the Cottonwood local economy as well as in surrounding Salt Lake County has resulted in a lot of citizens maxing out multiple credit cards and not being able to pay off the balance.

Cottonwood credit card relief

Creditors know that the average credit card default rate in Salt Lake County is close to 8 percent. That means credit card companies end up being on the hook for all the bad debt. The creditors have created a Cottonwood debt relief program to allow residents to consolidate debt in UT.

Cottonwood Credit Card Relief

The special program is available only for a limited time. If you are more than 60 days behind, the risk of your credit becoming worse is highly increased. Get in touch with Cottonwood and Salt Lake County debt relief companies today.